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The Life and Times

Of a Displaced Raveler

13 January
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I am one who links together- think of it this way- To unravel is to come apart, so an Unraveler would be one to takes apart. A Raveler would then be the opposite of that, or one who puts or brings together. I like this moniker, it fits me well.

This journal is a way to bring me closer to others. I've just finished my undergraduate years at Central Michigan University, and now am embarking on my graduate degree, in Electronic Media Management. I'm teaching the lab for Basic Audio Production in the fall, and am looking forward to being a Graduate Assistant. I'm currently a reporter for CMU Public Radio, the largest public radio station network in the country.

In addition, I produce the radio narrative "Maerchen" on WMHW. Subscribe to the feed by clicking here:
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